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On 4 Februari 2016 there will be a DJ Contest for ( Baas van het plein ) .

After few amazing editions is DJ Contest “Baas van het Plein” highly recomended for dj’s.

Baas van het Plein stands for proffesionality,kwality and creativity what we also like to see back !


for this edition we going to put the level a little higher and the winner will win some prizes again .

The winner of the DJ Contest “Baas van het Plein” wil play on 2 events : "Koningsnacht" and a impresive outdoorfestival with big names from the scene.


You Always wanted to show your talent to 5000 people ? was always a dream to play on big festival where 20.000 people go to ? make sure you have a day free and sign up for “Baas van het Plein”. On 27 April the winner will play on " Koningsnacht" in "Almere" city on the "Grote Markt" to show your talent to 5000 people . The festival with 20.000 people will be later.


Every gerne is welcome !

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and recieve the sign up document and rules.


For more info you can call : 06-15341101